Sounds and Colours 2 - Eritrea

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    Start the app, after the splash screen you are presented with the information sheet which scrolled to the end reveals a button to play the videoclip. Map and other otpions are available via the menu button. Since 1990, World On Communications has realized more than 80 videoguides about several suggestive places around the world. Every videoguide has been conceived how an itinerary that people can easily retrace. Now, these videoguides and their information are used to compile this new serial of android apps.
    Every app is structured in 3 parts: - Map - Information Sheet - Video clip

    In the video "ERITREA - Sounds and Colours 1" we show the little town of Mendefera and its colourful houses and market. While in this app "ERITREA - Sounds and Colours 2" the videoclip is focused on some tradional marriage's scenes we filmed in Asmara.

    BY PLANE: There some direct flights from Amsterdam and Frankfurt while the cheapest route it's via The Cairo.
    BY SHIP: Can be possible arrive to Massawa then head up by car or bus to Asmara, even it's a remote way to travel cause not passengers ship harbour in Eritrea since many years ago. Maybe some container ship can let you board.

    No vaccinations are required unless special you go off the beaten track
    tourist. Recommended in other cases, as a precaution, vaccination against yellow fever, typhoid, dengue, hepatitis C.
    Do not drink tap water!!! Please, use bottled water or purified water, that is cheaper and also available in plastic jar of 5\25 litres. Food is safe as well as ice-cream.
    However, check with your clinic of infectious diseases, before leaving because the conditions of each country vary from month to month.

    ASMARA, the capital town of Eritrea is set at about 2500 m.a.s.l. and, climate is quite mild all year round with some sporadic rainfalls. But, usually they last one or two hours and the sun come out again clear in the sky to warm the air.
    Humidity is very low and if you are walking in the sunny side, just stop few second below a palm tree or in a shadow spot to soon be refreshed.

    Some DVD about Eritrea are available on sale at our website, in English and Italian.
    This app guide is realized by World On Communications.

    Written and Directed by: Angelo Giammarresi

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