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SpySitterPro-Bluetooth audio

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    SpySitterPro-Bluetooth audio

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    .This application streams audio from a Bluetooth headset to the device speaker and vice versa.

    1. Enabling and disabling Airport mode.(Incoming calls are blocked)
    2. Retrieving last setup after incoming call is disconnected ( if the application was routing audio it will continue doing so) perfect for Babysitting
    3. Pressing the HOME button doesn't stop the application it just hides the UI so no one can know you are spying on them :)
    4. If the headset is not connected a dialog displayed to switch to Bluetooth settings UI.
    5.If there is no sound, plug and unplug wired headset
    It can be useful for:

    * Babysitting: you can leave your phone near the baby and walk around the house with the headset on.Best performance:Device->Bluetooth
    * Wiretapping: you can wear the headset and listen from distance to what is being said.Best performance:Device->Bluetooth
    * Hearing impaired: give someone the headset to talk, and listen while wired headphones are connected.Best performance: Bluetooth-> Device
    * Just for fun :-)

    Devices support:

    * Samsung S2,Android 4.03 - works fine
    * Samsung S4,Android 4.22 - works fine
    * HTC one - works fine
    * Samsung S1,Android 2.2 - need to play around, press the Stop/Start button until there is a sound

    All devices were tested with Plastronics Headsets
    If the application crashes don't uninstall it, Bugs are been fixed
    Knows Bugs:
    While routing and recording an audio stream, returning form an outgoing call the application dose not restart the the recording, will be fixed.

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