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The Medieval Church of Hollola

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    Built in the late fifteenth century in an area of ​​great strategic and commercial relevance this ancient medieval church is located at Hollola in southern Finland, for a hundred miles from Helsinki. The prerogative is to witness how the advent of the Reformation in Finland has been a peaceful process that has allowed to preserve many ancient wooden statues of the previous period and other precious relics of the oldest wooden church.
    The interior has a two-aisled vaulted cruises.
    Interesting to observe are the doors that have affected ancient symbols and are considered among the greatest masterpieces of medieval carpentry existing in Scandinavia.
    The church is open daily during the summer and by appointment on weekends or during other months, we suggest you visit it in the autumn, in late September when he begins the season called "Ruska", where the trees surrounding vegetation and beautiful scenery draw with wonderful shades of yellow, red and orange dotted with bright green.

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