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    *** Android Remote Server ( is available, now support mouse, winamp, PPS, PPTV, Songbird and more, and it support windows 8 and 64bit windows ***

    ### If you cannot save your settings after upgrade, please uninstall it completely and install it again ###

    Do you have a 24 inch PC Monitor? Do you have nice computer speakers? Do you enjoy playing music or movies on your PC?
    Now you can control your favourite media players remotely on your Android phone, without sitting in front of your monitor. It is not a dream! No VNC is needed!
    Get the WiFi remote app now!

    It fully supports TTPlayer (Music Player for Chinese), Winamp (classic skin) and Media Player Classic. Other players such as iTunes, and foobar2000, are partially supported.

    It is a wireless remote control for various media players in Windows. You need to install WiFi Remote Server in your PC. Under WiFi connection, you are able to control your music, movies, etc. You can switch on and off your monitor, shut down your PC, auto mute PC's volume for incoming calls.
    You can even shake your phone to play next songs on your PC!
    Yes! using PC speakers!

    Probably, it is the first time that you can use "shake your phone" feature without embarrassment (because you are at home).

    *** Pro version is ad-free: ***

    WiFi Remote Server download: (new facebook page, you can ask questions here) (official hp)

    Brazilian Portuguese - Paulo Henrique Deléo
    Spanish translation - Christian Yunquera Albareda
    Chinese - Paul Chan

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