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    The music of the 80’s is making a big comeback. 80s music online, be ready for it!

    “I didn’t know that 80s music is that cool. No wonder my parents keep on raving about it.” –Riku N.

    Just had your taste of the 80s music and want more? Couldn’t decide which you like more --- New Wave, Rock or Techno?

    New trend
    So you are a child of the 80s and you sorely miss those times. Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock, Glam Metal and glimpse of Techno. So many trends in music that people were going ‘gaga’ even before the Lady made it a trend.

    But even if you are not a child of the 80s, you have eavesdropped on the music of your parents or uncles. And you want to hear more of the 80s music without letting anyone know. You don’t have to be secretive about it, for the 80s is making a big comeback with all the trends it gave birth to. You could now listen to 80s music online.

    New Wave
    No, this is not about surfing or the California sun. This is about the 80s music and the open-minded style that was uniquely New Wave. A unique sound introduced by British artists and which the rest of the world embraced and never let go of. ‘The Second British Invasion’ consisted of bands like Duran Duran, Dire Straits, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, INXS and many, many more.

    Typically upbeat, but sometimes dark, sometimes emotional, sometimes aggressive, New Wave was very different from the music of other eras. Get New Wave, Rock and other 80s music online.

    The 80s alive
    Go on, listen to Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’, one of Michael’s earlier classic hits. You may know Rod Stewart as a balladeer, singing old American songbook classics, but he was first known as that rocker wearing bright and glittery leg tights. Rock with Rod Stewart with his ‘Infatuation’.

    There are Grace Jones and Annie Lenox, powerhouse women with voice and style women followed. And there’s the one and only, all original Cindy Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’. It’s all in 80s music online.

    80s influences
    Youngsters may take it for granted, but the 80s ushered in music video. Since then, music video has been an integral part of all musical artists.

    80s music influenced today’s music. Just listen to 80music online and you’ll hear where your techno music of today came from. Or the great melding of pop and rock with techno. Tears for Fears’ complex theme and aggressive style made their ‘Shout’ an all-time success. Depeche Mode’s goth and dark emotions was different from what American listeners were accustomed to, but Depeche Mode was loved nevertheless. If you are Bond follower, you surely would have heard of Duran Duran’s ‘A View to a Kill’. Listen to 80s music and see where the music of today came from.

    All 80s music online. Now.

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