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    The best of the 90s music is here. Trace the rise of alternative rock and the bands that took over the airwaves and MTV.

    “My bands are alive again! Alternative rock was the music of the 90s. This is where it all started: grunge, alternative metal, nu-metal and ska punk.”-Joe H.

    Miss the sound of 90s music? Miss the sound of alternative rock and grunge? Want to hear your favorite bands belt out some good music?

    From the sides to mainstream
    They thought alternative rock would not make it to the mainstream. They thought that alternative rock was too messy to cross over to the musical pallet of mainstream pop and rock lovers. The 90s music was so rich and explosive that people thought it would pan out fast.

    But time proved them wrong. Alternative music outlasted and exceeded their expectations. 90 music gave birth to a whole new breed of music and rock bands.

    Unconventional rock
    Alternative music is rooted in underground music, music that veers away from the conventional music style. 90s music and alternative rock is not your ‘conventional’ rock music --- if there is anything conventional about rock. .

    Alternative music is the fusion of funk rock with conventional rock. Alternative music is also characterized by its lyrics which centered on problems and the negative that took monstrous proportions as rock singers delved and sang on these.

    The emergence of alternative music eclipsed New Wave and glam-metal music of the 80s.

    Rock heaven
    Rock music flourished in the 90s, with several sub genres of rock being recognized. There was grunge, Britpop, industrial rock and gothic rock. The term ‘alternative music’ was also used to describe cutting-edge music by music reviewers.

    The first alternative rock band to cross over to mainstream was U2, with a little less funk and a little more conventional rock. REM crossed over to mainstream and had a big following. Their song, ‘Murmur,’ made it to the Top 40 charts.

    90 music saw several underground or alternative rock bands cross over to mainstream, bands like Hootie and the Blowfish, Alive in Chains, Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few.

    Unpolished diamonds
    To most, 90s music and alternative music was unpolished or raw rock music. Nirvana and Pearl Jam’s music had this rawness and unpolished sound about them which appealed to the public.

    90 music gives you the alternative bands, the so-called ‘unpolished diamonds’ of the era. Playing are Jane’s Addiction, Collective Soul, Sublime and Garbage. Now, aren’t those names hard and raw?

    More polished alternative bands are also on 90s music, such as Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins and Counting Crows.

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