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    A Chord Finder, Guitar & Piano

    by: Iridium Iris Software 6 6.6

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    Reverse chord finder for guitar and piano, with a chord progression harmonizer.
    Have you thought about the number of times you have spent on identifying which chord you actually played on your guitar or piano but didn't know the name of? With this application you just have to fill in the notes by pressing them and the chord names will appear on the screen. This app makes it a lot easier and you could actually spend more time on writing your music instead of trying to figure out what kinds of chords you are playing on your guitar or piano.

    NEW in V1.4.0 a brand new section where you can create sequences with 300 different chords!

    Excellent resource for finding chords, easy to see the results with the graphical interface. Even includes 6ths, 9ths and other jazz chords. Version 1.2.0 now has a chord progression section that will help you build your next music hit!

    A Chord Finder FULL version, for both guitar and piano.
    Now with 21 frets on each guitar string! The piano section has 63 types of scales and 756 scales.

    "This chord finder will show you the Chord names and you can also pick a chord from a library"

    Piano chords; In the piano section, you can also play and see piano chords, scales and rotate voicing on every piano chord. Now it has a reversed chord library in the pianosection too!

    Reversed and chordlibrary Guitar; This application is both reversed and has a lookup chord library in the guitar section. Choose a chord and see it in the view, make changes to it and see what it will become. If you're a left or a right handed player doesn't matter, just switch it with a click. Several versions of a chord can be viewed by clicking the "Display Chord" button repeatedly to step through all versions of the chosen chord. You can also display simple chords, and from there choose to show only high or low end chords.

    Playable chords; Click the "Play Chord" button or play the strings on touch and you will hear the chord, with samples from a real guitar..

    Stereo panning; You can individually change the volume of each string and pan them in stereo so that you can hear a specific string more or less in the chord. This will help you to hear exactly what's going on (perfect with headphones).

    Strum or Arpeggiated; You can change the interval between the strings in a chord being played to make it more or less arpeggiated, so that you can make it sound more like if you were picking the strings one by one.

    Chord Sequencer; You can also play around with chords in the sequencer and add a drum or a cello as backing sound and now save the sequence as a wave file on your SD card!

    Save and Load chords; Long click the "SYS" button and a menu will open where you can save and load your favourite chords to SD card. This in the guitar section..

    Save Chord as Image; Save your favourite chords as images on your SD card! In the guitar section..

    Steel and Classic guitar; There are two guitars to choose from in this version, a classic and a steel guitar. The sounds was recorded in a studio with the swedish The Tool guitar which gave this application life through its clear sound..

    Play two Chords simultaneously; Add one more steel or classic guitar so that you can play them simultaneously and hear which chords that sounds good together.

    Guitar Tunings available; EADGBE, EBEAbBE, EAEAC#E, EAC#EAE, ADF#BE, EADGCF, DADGAD, DGCGCD, DADF#AD, DADGBE, DGDGBD, DADACD, CGCGAE, CGDAEG, FADGBE, GCFADG, Gminor, Drop1 and 2, Capo on fret 1 to 8

    Guitar Tuner; There is a thorough guitartuner, interactive pitch/frequency detection guitar tuner that automatically will sense each string you pick on your guitar.

    Text To Speach; If you have the TTS (Text To Speach) Api installed on your device; you can mark the root key of a taken chord in the Guitar section and a voice will speak the chord notation for you.

    Don't forget to get back here to check for updates!
    If you have discovered a problem or have requests or ideas, please send a mail about it.

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