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    Absolatido - your external absolute pitch or perfect pitch!
    The app for musicians - singers and instrumentalists - to train solfege.
    You immediately see the note that you sing or play. And if it is in pitch or a little bit too low or too high...
    The names of the notes 'C' 'F#' 'Ab' can be changed into 'Do' 'Fa #' 'La b'.
    Choose the clef: G-clef for soprano or alto, G8-clef for tenor and F-clef for bass.
    You choose the key simply by adding sharps or flats.
    It is the easy way to train your vocal parts.
    You can easily tune your instrument, flute, saxophone, violin.
    And you can let play the note and one half up or down.

    Absolatido is a wonderful help for vocalists and string players.
    Practise your scales and scores looking to the display.
    Also for teachers it is a great help showing their students what they are doing. Improve their musical skills by giving them visual feedback.

    Please before purchasing try 'Absolatido DEMO' for free.

    We ask you in case of a problem to help us make it better and contact us directly via and don't rate us just one star... ;-)

    Also have a look at our newest app Singsolatido.
    Solfege training at ten different levels.
    It generates exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians.

    Thank you!

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