Acoustic Guitar for Caustic

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    This is a content pack for use with Caustic 2.
    You must have Caustic 2 installed to use this!

    This is a simple, good sounding multi-sampled acoustic guitar bank for the PCMSynth. The guitar had steel strings and was played with a pick.

    The notes are not as even and perfect as in many sophisticated guitar libraries.

    Here's a comment Rej (Caustic's developer) made about it, the capitals are his:
    "On the other hand, after having done a test pattern, it sounds VERY natural, probably because of these imperfections... For me, it's really cool to have something that sounds so natural... it's a REAL recording of an imperfect instrument."

    Recorded with 3 different microphones simultaneously: a condenser, a ribbon and a pickup. The 3 takes are included. Also, I have included 2 different mappings (preset) for each mic because sometimes a more even sound between the notes is preferable.

    PDF documentation is included and it can also be viewed on our website.
    Also visit our website to download the free single cycle waveform presets for Caustic's PCMSynth!
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