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    Published: 2013-09-04, by Peter Warrior.

    A lyrics searcher

    • Easy and free
    • 2.5M lyrics may not be enough

    "La isla bonita nanana neneneee"

    How many times you have been hearing a song and you'd like to know what the lyrics say? They don't even need to be songs in foreign languages, some rap singers have also that skill of singing in an unintelligible way.

    This app looks for lyrics, browsing Lyrics-wiki, and integrates them into your usual media player, even translating them (beware! translation bot at work!) if necessary. In the odd case that what you are looking for hasn't been uploaded yet, it allows you to upload your own. Lyrics can be saved as favorites to avoid downloading them every time.

    In short, it's an easy and useful app, whose only little flaw would be that it won't find some odd songs, and it's free, ad-supported by a banner at the bottom.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Sep 04, 2013


    Lightweight and powerful lyrics finder application for Android devices.

    Airlyrics is aware about music being played on your Android device (and shows notification). If started, it shows the full lyrics directly. Don't waste time typing artist data, AirLyrics finds the lyrics for you.

    Also, AirLyrics can do OTA lyrics translations to your languaje. Now you can understand what your favourite foreign artist say!


    ✓ Automatic search in background while you listen to music using your favourite media player.
    NEW Automatic OTA lyrics translations to your languaje . Swipe left in lyrics view (only in Android 3.0+) and open translation panel. You can open the panel using menu too.
    ✓ Selectable themes. Dark and light.
    ✓ Stores your favourite lyrics for offline reading, as well as lyrics translations.
    ✓ Caches the last viewed lyrics and translations, thus avoiding data consumption. The cache size is customizable.
    ✓ Huge lyrics database (and growing up!).
    ✓ Extremely low data consuption, only 40 kb per lyrics view.
    ✓ Compatible with Android 2.2 and later.

    About translations: Be careful if you have a small data plan. Lyrics translations consumes between 100-150 kb per translation viewed (not much more than normal webpage). Anyway, AirLyrics stores the lastest translations in cache, and you can save it like favourite songs too. Also, AirLyrics only downloads translation if translation panel is opened.
    Check out for more details.

    AirLyrics is fully compatible with the following Android music players:

    ★No additional configuration needed★

    - Samsung Stock Player
    - Sony Ericsson /Sony Xperia Player
    - HTC Stock Player
    - Poweramp
    - JRTMusic (aka Android Music Player)
    - Google Music
    - ³ (aka Cubed)
    - Amazon Music Player
    - Astro Player Nova
    - doubleTwist
    - Musixmatch
    - Rocket Player
    - TTPod
    - Miui Music Player
    - Player Pro
    - Folder Player
    - GoneMAD Music Player
    - Music Folder Player
    - RockBox for Android
    - Omich Player
    - Cute AMP
    - Media Plus
    - MortPlayerMusic
    - bTunes
    - XenoAmp
    - Apollo Music Player 1.0
    - XiiaLive Radio
    - Now Playing Free
    - Real Player

    ★Activating scrobbling in Media Player Settings (no need to have installed LastFM/ScrobbleDroid/Simple LastFm Scrobbler)★

    - Mixzing
    - Vanilla Music
    - RockOn
    - DeadBeef
    - JukeFox
    - Music Player Pro
    - Music Pro
    - HikiPlayer
    - jetAudio Basic/Plus
    - Nexmusic
    - N7 Music Player
    - NGR Player
    - Shuttle
    - TinyPlayer

    Lyrics are provided by LyricWiki, a colaborative lyrics site with over 1800K lyrics. If lyrics not found, you could help LyricWiki and add it yourself, contributing to the project.

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