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    AMosRingtone(Morse Ringtone)

    Letters, numbers, and Hangul (consonants, vowels) and converted to Morse code for the view
    Cell phone ring tones, alerts that can save the aepipnida negatively.
    Ads will be distributed free of charge include:

    * Permissions
    - Storage: Ringtones, you need to save Tone
    - Network communications: need for containing the AdMob ads
    - System Tools: ring / notification that the need for change

    * Features
    - Morse code generated ring
    - Morse code generated Tone
    - Morse code generation
    - Ring / Tone Settings

    * Usage
    - English (ABC), numbers (012), Hangul (a ㅏ ㅏ b c ㅏ, Hangul Jamo) Input
    - Listen, save it as ring tones, alerts, using Save As to save to hear the sound
    Android settings ring tone, notification that the change to the sound generated
    - Too fast or too slow, "length * drain" to adjust to.
    - Write, money, and do not touch to nine minutes in length.

    * Description
    - Listening: listen to Morse code, type of characters that can see
    - Ring / Tone Change: generated ring / notification that the change
    - Save as Ringtone: Type the letters in the Morse code and save it as a ringtone
    - As a reminder to save: Type the characters stored in the notification of the Morse code.
    - Convert text input + Morse code.
    - Frequency: Specify the frequency of the Morse code was created
    - Volume: Listening to the sounds used to specify the size of
    - Tsu-length, long length of the Morse code (default 3)
    - Don Length: The length of a short Morse code (default 1)
    -Segment length: the length of breaks between Morse code (default 1)
    - Length * Drainage: write, money, and the overall length of division
    - The path to the ring: SD memory / media / audio / ringtones / mos_ *. wav
    - Tone save path: SD memory / media / audio / notifications / mos_ *. wav

    * Tested Equipment
    Motorola dipayi
    - Galaxy Tab
    - Optimus Q: suitable length * multiplier should be 2.0
    - Most probably guess correctly will work with.

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