AMPS Radio




    This is another entity of the African-aMerican People Succeeding, A.M.P.S., Family.

    This 24 hour internet radio station is a platform for listeners to here what the community is doing and a place for writer and singers to show their talent. AMPS Radio is a station that has become a driving force in the community using the latest technology to get the word out about events, programs, and education topics.

    AMPS Radio is another entity that is under AMPS Magazine’s Corporate name. This radio broadcast is aired 24 hours a day and plays different genre throughout the day and night. The radio starts in the morning with Gospel then keeps in ambiance on the same level with a little R&B until after work times are over. Starting at 5PM, AMPS Radio starts with its radio shows for the younger generation. The demographics for this station is 18 to 54. Except the demographics change throughout out the day.

    AMPS Radio audience keeps growing, from the start of our radio broadcast that began only a few years ago with no listeners we now reach over 500 people a day and continue to grow day
    by day. We have listeners that give us feedback on keeping the station on top of
    the latest music and entertainment.

    The station plays music radio interviews, music shows, live events, and much
    much more to keep the listeners listening and not get board. We utilize high
    school and college interns to run the station. We also use the station as an
    instrument to educate the younger generation on running their own business and
    learning how to keep it open.


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