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    This is the Professional version of AndRemember - a cool sound recorder that keeps loop-recording everything around you, so that whenever anything happens, like a radio song, a joke by a friend or your kid saying something cute, you can simply click and save the audio that was already recorded!
    No more "Should have recorded that..." regrets - click "Remember" and whatever already happened will be saved!
    In this version you can set your own values for minutes to save, configuring the application to your needs. You can save between 1 and 90 last minutes.
    The recordings will be saved to your SD card - please note that long recording of high quality can be quite large.
    Other features include:
    * Large buttons to start and stop recording
    * Easy access through notification (cancelable through settings)
    * Creates WAVs, which allow easy usage with various editing tools
    * Recording frequency rate setting - 11025/22050/44100 Hz.
    * Recorded file header and counter setting
    * Playback functions including:
    - Sort by recording date or name
    - Show today's/week's/all recordings
    - Play/Pause/Stop functionality
    - Delete recording
    - Email recording (limited by email attachment size)
    - Various recording date format settings
    * Records during screen-off

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