Andronome+ the Great Metronome

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    The musicians metronome - simple, professional, accurate.

    Andronome+ is designed to keep time, and to do it well. Simple in appearence and use, this metronome contains the most precise time engine available. The perfect metronome. No cluttered user interface, no unnecessary bells or whistles but carefully selected features important for the gigging musician and the professional instructor.

    As with the standard Andronome, the plus version delivers:
    * Sample-accurate metronome ticks.
    * Loud enough sounds, also for real practice environments.
    * Clearly visible, great screen indication and...
    * ...really large BPM numbers (visible from a distance, e.g when lying on the stage floor).
    * Tempo adjustable between 20 and 240 BPM.
    * Start and stop via touch screen, hardware buttons, headset.
    * Tap tempo directly on screen.

    But also:
    * Subdivisions (eights, triplets, sixteenths...)
    * Selectable time signatures (with first beat accent) from 1 to 15/4.
    * As many user presets as your phone memory allows.
    * Optional beat vibration.
    * Keypad for quick and exact tempo entering.

    This metronome is the professional choice, giving the working musician exactly what is needed. As elegant and simple to use as the standard Andronome metronome, but with the extra plus!

    Users guide:

    There are often several ways to get at the most important functions of the Andronome+ metronome. Most users will prefer to use the touch screen, like this:
    * Tap the screen once to start the metronome.
    * Tap or long press (touch and hold) the screen to stop the metronome.
    * Tap the tempo on the screen, Andronome will adjust to the tapped tempo.
    * ...or adjust the tempo by swiping the finger over the screen. Fling or swipe up to increase the BPM, down to decrease.
    * Swipe left or right to select preset. Perfect for the gig - like turning a page to get the tempo and feel for the next song.
    * Create, name, edit and delete presets in the menu.
    * Tap the icons on screen to select subdivision, time signature or use the keypad to quickly enter the tempo.
    * Tap the lock icon to prevent accidental changes to a preset.
    * Preset names are automatically sorted alphabetically. Just prefix the song names with numbers - and 1, 2, 3... you've created a setlist.
    * Sound on/off is controlled in the action bar. Adjust the tick sound using the volume controls of the phone (Andronome+ play through the standard media channel).
    * The beat vibrator and the visible indication (screen blink) can be individually enabled and disabled in the action bar.

    For more info and guides, please visit the developer website: or

    Have fun!

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    Chris McNevin

    by Chris McNevin

    Nov 30, 2016  |  "Great"

    Auto shutoff after a programmable number of measures would be perfect. Also, if the keypad could stay on top it would streamline song countoffs.