Art of Audio Recording Guitars

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    Art of Audio Recording Guitars

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    The electric, acoustic and bass guitars are the foundation of most modern music. This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to record guitar tracks that will jump out of your mix and blast your tunes to the top of the charts.

    Whether you in a recording studio or at home there are a million different ways to capture the beautiful sound of the guitar. This tutorial gives you tons of the essential techniques top engineers employ when they are tracking guitars in a modern studio environment.

    Recording Guitars is presented by Sean Genockey ... one of England’s leading recording specialists. Sean began his illustrious career as guitarist for the alternative rock band Moke and has gone on to engineer, mix and produce for the Manics, Suede, Starsailor, Kula Shaker, Baddies, Tom McRae, Iko and Futureheads.

    In his informative, yet relaxed style, Sean takes us on a complete guitar recording journey starting at the vibrating strings and ending at the DAW. You’ll first learn how to tune and prepare a guitar for recording. Next you’re off to investigate the world of the electric guitar. You’ll see microphones and mic placement techniques followed by a deep look at amplifiers and what to do when you’re working with combos and stacks.

    Sean explains the technique of “white noising” to determine the frequency response and output coloration of different speaker cabinets. There is also an in-depth section on acoustic guitar mic techniques from single mic to advanced XY configurations.

    At the end of the tutorial, Sean provides a detailed exploration of recording bass, covering both amp/mic and direct input techniques.

    If you’ve always wondered how to get your live guitar tracks to punch through the mix and penetrate the heart and soul of the listener, this "Recording Guitars" tutorial is for you.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Prologue
    2. Introduction
    3. Prepping the Guitar
    4. General Micing Guidelines
    5. Multiple Mic Techniques
    6. Recording a Combo
    7. White Noise
    8. Time Adjuster
    9. Pedals
    10. Basic Guidelines
    11. Single Mic Technique
    12. ORTF Technique
    13. XY Technique
    14. Extra Acoustic Techniques
    15. Micing and D.I'ing the Bass
    16. Recording the Bass

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