Audio Adrenaline Meditation

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    Audio Adrenaline Meditation

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    Assume a comfortable position. Shut your eyes as you start relax. Take in a deep breath, now breathe out, emptying your lungs entirely. And once again. Take full deep breaths, never strained or rushed. Breathe in strength, breathe out tension. Carry on to relax. Take full deep breaths. Allow your breathing to discover its own natural, unhurried pace. And as ideas enter your mind, allow them go without attachment.

    As you sink into comfort and relaxation, see yourself enjoying a waterfall of sunlight and crystal water.

    As the sun and water cascade over your body you absorb the healing oxygen carried inside your blood vessels though your whole system.

    The oxygen heals and releases the holding contraction of each muscle. Every muscle becomes taffy… soft and pliable. All tension gives way to easiness. The cascade of sunlight reminds you of the source of all energy.

    Your whole being sings with release and renewal as the source refuels and strengthens your body and spirit.

    In healing all is possible. As you heal your spirit and body your gifts to the universe emerge. The healing vision of cascading sunshine and water is yours whenever you want it to be.

    Your breathing is unstrained. Relax your toes and feet. Relax your ankles and knees. Relax your leg muscles.

    Your breathing is deep and relaxing. Relax your fingers and hands. Loosen up your wrists and elbows. Relax your arms. Your breathing is slow and peaceful. Feel your feet and legs get heavy and warm. Feel your hands and arms get warm and heavy. Simply breathe as your thoughts come and go.