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    AWT2 Watermark Listener is a supplementary application accompanying Audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2) of This application lets you use your portable Android device (phone, tablet) to detect inaudible digital codes (digital watermarks) in the audio content processed with patented AWT2 watermarking technology.

    Digital audio watermarks are imperceptible digital signatures embedded into sound content. Digital watermark is usually a few bytes of data that carries some important information such as content author’s digital signature or ID of content recipient. AWT2 watermarks cannot be heard by human ear, but AWT2 Watermark Listener running on your device can “hear” and detect them.

    Launch the application, switch to "Live" mode, place the device very close the sound source (multimedia speakers of your PC, TV set, etc.), push "Start listening" button and hold the device steady for 15-20 seconds. Once a watermark is found, it is immediately shown on the screen. It is HIGHLY recommended to place the device as close as possible to the sound source, just near the loudspeakers (since on longer distances, room reverberations may spoil the detection). Make sure that watermark decoding parameters (such as watermark payload size, aggressiveness, density and watermarking mode) are properly defined in the application Settings.

    You can find examples of watermarked audio materials on this web-page:

    AWT2 Watermark Listener is a simple application that demonstrates how end-users (music authors, recording studios and labels, content distributors and others) can benefit from using AWT2 by easily identifying their watermarks in the broadcasted content.

    You need to use Audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2) Encoder to embed your own digital watermarks into your audio content.

    For more information, details and examples please visit AWT2 Watermark Listener homepage:


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