Baby Songs & lullaby: sounds for bedtime & naptime




    Baby Songs is a free App that can be very useful when you want to put baby to sleep or for a nap.

    Baby Songs features default songs and soothing lullabies, you can also record your own voice and create your own baby rhymes.

    The app comes with a great collection of english, japanese, french lullabies ; melodies and white noises. You can also customize the content and record your won lullabies or melodies.

    On top of that is a beautiful collection of cute animal night light to go with the selected melody or lullaby. The animal nightlights sing the lullabies in french, english and japanese. You can change the night light color when you tap on it and the level of brightness when you slide up and down.

    The app works also on « auto mode », if this feature is activated the user can set up a noise level that when reached triggers the app to play one lullaby. The app then can work on it’s own : the application detects the ambient sounds and automatically plays the songs selected.

    How to use Baby Songs?

    - On the library tab you can select the lullaby or the molody you want to play.
    - On the Nightlights tab select one night light among the list.
    - Play and watch the little animal sing the selected lullaby.
    - You can activate the « auto mode » so that the app plays the selected lullaby when noise is detected
    - You can personalize your app by adding your own lullaby
    click on the custom tab
    select new
    record your voice singing your favourite lullaby.

    NEW: English and Japanese lullabies. The cute Little animal night lights sing the selected lullaby. You can tweet within the App.

    Once the lullabies and melodies are uploaded on your device you can activate the flight mode to prevent your phone from ringing and emitting waves. It is not recommended to leave your phone in your baby’s bed. It's best to place the phone on a table nearby to keep it at a safe distance from your infant.

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