Amaze your friends and relatives by playing scottish melodies, blown into your Android and touch the right keys to dip your house and everything else in a magical atmosphere. Approach this wonderful but little known musical instrument and discover the scot that's inside you!

    • Blow to play!
    The app simulates a real scottish bagpipe! Blow into microphone. The virtual air bag will fill up and you will start playing.

    • Play magical melodies
    You can immediately start playing! The tutorial is always update with new songs. It helps, guides and teaches to you how to play some melodies. Play, and become a master like Hevia!

    • Jam Session
    join guitars, pianos and other classic musical instruments to create definitely new music tracks!

    • Simple but realistic, suitable for everybody!
    the virtual Bagpipe is easier to play than the real one, everybody can play it just touching one key at a time! Anyway we still preserve a great realism, if you don't blow the bagpipe will not play. So pump up your lungs, you will need them!

    • Free worldwide!
    You don't have to spend money thank's to the Ad support!

    • High Res Graphic
    The graphic is optimized for devices equipped with Retina Display.

    • Tips…
    For more informations and "how to" read the help section on the back view of the app.
    Connect your device to an external speaker for a better sound.

    • More info
    The most famous bagpipe is the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe, but there are many kinds of it from many countries, like the French Musette de cour, the Italians zampogna, piva, müsa and baghèt, the Spanish gaita, …
    It is essentially made by the reeds (drones) that play a base bass sound, a bag that the player inflates by blowing air into it (and which is the "lung" of the instrument) and by a "Chanter" upon which the player creates the melody.

    Quick Help
    To play:
    1. gently blow into the microphone, the drones will start playing the typical background sound of the bagpipe;
    2. touch one hole at a time to hear the notes;
    3. don't lose sight of the air indicator, when the air is about to finish you will need to blow into the microphone again or the bagpipe will stop playing!
    4. to stop the sound simply press the STOP button.

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