BEGIN's Uta San-Shin

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    Japanese local 3 stringed melody maker, the San-shin

    "BEGIN's Uta San-Shin," is an application for everyone to enjoy easily playing songs with the Okinawan band, BEGIN, on the Okinawan instrument, the San-Shin.

    Because the San-Shin is fretless, if the player doesn't press the stings at exactly the right place, beautiful melodies won't emerge from the instrument. The right positions are known as, "Kan-Dokoro." These, "Kan-Dokoro," are shown through a score of Chinese characters known as, "Kun-Kun-Shi," which is displayed on the left side of the app to allow the player to easily master the basics of the game.

    Furthermore, in Singing-San-Shin mode, along with the Kan-Dokoro appear original Japanese lyrics, so the player can sing while playing!

    Because the tempo and key can be adjusted to the player's level, everyone can eventually master the San-Shin. When the player can stroke at the same speed as the members of BEGIN, they've become a master!

    Additionally in the, "Ai no Te," corner, BEGIN's music includes both, "Ai no Te," and, "Yubi-Bue," indispensable parts of Okinawan music. Press, swing, and rock out!

    For all lover's of Okinawa, this is an app for anyone to enjoy learning the San-Shin, or just having a great time while drinking with friends.

    All sampling was performed by BEGIN.

    Songs included :
    Usagi to Kame
    Urashima Taro
    Tinsagu no hana
    Kankara San-shin umushirumun
    Nada sousou
    Shimanchu no takara
    Pamaya Yunta
    Sanshin no hana
    Irayoi Tsukiyohama (Ver 1.5.0)
    Taketomijima de Aimasyou (Ver 1.5.0)
    Ojii jiman no Orion beer (Ver 1.5.0)
    Kariyushi no yoru (Ver 1.5.0)
    Uruma Melody (Ver 1.5.0)
    Umi no Koe (Ver 1.5.0)

    Singing-San-Shin Menu
    Singing-San-Shin Mode
    In Singing-San-Shin mode, lyrics appear with the Kan-Dokoro. Learn the
    San-Shin while singing!

    Role-Model Mode
    Automatically plays along with the Kun-Kun-Shi score. The recommended tempo
    is displayed in the lower left part of the screen, the tempo can be adjusted
    in the settings, and memorize at your own pace.

    Practice Mode
    The Kan-Dokoro light up, press them while playing.
    *If the correct Kan-Dokoro aren't pressed, the next Kan-Dokoro won't be

    Challenge Mode
    The Kun-Kun-Shi score scrolls along the tempo set in the settings while the
    Kan-Dokoro light up. Try to play along with the tempo!

    BEGIN Sessions
    Bring it all together! Play along with BEGIN's original songs.
    *Tempo and key adjusts automatically to these original songs.

    Ai no Te
    The band BEGIN's original Ai no Te, swing your i-phone while using your
    favourite Ai no Te!

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