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    Navigate to settings of your phone, applications, find BinZin Folder Player from the list, click on permissions and check all required permissions.

    If you are using folders for your music then this app is for you. Folders are much more efficient than playlists in my opinion and that's why I made this app without all the unnecessary features (playlists,albums,artists) that I don't need and never use. It supports English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Turkish and Slovak languages.

    The features:

    * Material theme
    * Simple and easy too use
    * Clean and slick UI
    * Folder based
    * Bookmarks support
    * Sorting support
    * Song details
    * 4x1 widget
    * 4x4 widget
    * Lyrics support via musiXmatch
    * Shuffle songs
    * Sleep timer
    * 3 Themes (Black, Grey, White)
    * Search functionality
    * Resuming music at start
    * Setting song as a ringtone
    * Tabs Animation
    * Pausing and resuming a song on a headset connect
    * Headset control
    * Folder deleting support
    * Cloud streaming (Dropbox, Drive)
    * Ability to rename file from Dropbox, Drive
    * Ability to delete file from Dropbox, Drive
    * Ability to download file from Dropbox, Drive
    * Ability to bookmark Dropbox, Drive folder
    * Ability to select music folders
    * 3 default album arts
    * 3 Lists modes (simple, detailed, advanced)
    * Ability to change text size of the list
    * Notification controls for android 4.1 and 4.2
    * Sending,deleting and renaming songs
    * Pauses during phone calls
    * Display folders as a list or Hierarchy
    * Swipe gesture to change a song (swipe down to next song, swipe up to previous song)
    * English, Russian,German,Turkish and Slovak languages supported
    * Equalizer, Visualizer and Bass Boost effect .
    * Car Mode
    * Download missing album arts

    Please get an unlocker if you want the more themes, Visualizer, Drive Streaming, Bass Boost effect and no ads.
    If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact me. If the app crashes it will ask you to send me a crash
    report. Please do so.

    Permission Explained:

    keep the CPU running when the screen is off so the music won't stop playing
    and also for option in settings to keep the screen on

    to create a file on a sdcard with bookmarks data and read from it

    stop playing when phone call is received

    to set a song as a ringtone


    Credits localisation:
    Russian : Roman Panchenko
    German : Mike-Rene Schneider
    Turkish : YaKaMoZ(Mustafa Doğan)
    Portuguese : Greice Kelly dos Santos Brito
    Spanish: Gabriel Callegari!
    Thanks !!!

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