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    21 year-old Fulton County, GA Native John “Ca$h Out” Gibson is living by a simple but weighty mantra; “bases loaded, get ready for something epic.” Having just been signed by legendary mogul/producer/ television personality Antonio “LA” Reid and Epic records, Ca$h Out already has a couple of homeruns in his stat sheet with “I Got It” and the new anthem “Cashin’ Out.”
    “DJ Spinz (acclaimed Atlanta producer and DJ) did the beat,” Ca$h explains of the origins of his crowd motivating single. “I just started humming the melody to the hook immediately. A few minutes later, I concocted the words and decided to run with it since Ca$h Out is my name. And the vibe of the record is so universal because everybody is cashing out on something whether it is with luxuries such as jewelry, cars or cribs or a necessity like a light bill or student loan. This record makes you want to go and make that money.”
    “I was playing around in the studio,” he says of his stage name’s origin. “I wasn’t into the rappin’ like that back then. I always used to make it my hobby when it was nothing to do. When the trapping was going slow, I’d go to the studio. I was freestyling a verse and in one of the lines I said ‘I’m cashing out.’ One of my friends told me ‘that’s your name right there.’”
    “Got a condo on my wrist girl, I’m cashing out,” he sings on the song’s hook. “Got a condo around my neck girl, I’m cashing out./ 36 Os so I’m ridin’ round with that nina./
    My diamonds talk for me they say ‘hi can I meet ya?’” the infectious chorus calls out.
    “Cashing Out” is a term the young MC came up with for spending money without discretion. The catchphrase earned him his stand out moniker.
    Ca$h Out has been allured by money since he was barley out of elementary school. At 13 years old, Ca$h followed in the footsteps of his older brother and started hustling in the streets. By the time he was 16, Ca$h’s mother was horrified to find out what her youngest child was doing and kicked him out of their family home. However, by then Ca$h Out had already been pulling in a substantial amount of money that he was able to pay for his own apartment. That home eventually turned into a drug haven where narcotics were sold. While the then teenager had a lucrative run, he would soon find out the harsh lesson all trap stars eventually find out. At 18 years old, Cash Out was arrested on a myriad of charges which saw him standing trail and facing a decade in jail if convicted.
    “I had to provide for my daughter, which is really no excuse,” Ca$h Out explains. “At the time I wasn’t really in search for a job. I saw what was going on when I was in the streets. All my big homies in the street were getting money and that really caught my eye. It was really good at first until I caught my major charge. It really woke me up. I had a baby turning one and I was looking at going away for 10 years. My heart broke at the thought of not being in her life.”
    After spending over $280,000 in lawyer and court fees, Ca$h Out was given a second chance at life and luckily found innocent. He immediately changed his life around. The craft that he once dabbled in his downtime, became Ca$h’s priority. For the past three years he’s been honing his skills while releasing a string of regional hits. Earlier this year, he had his breakthrough with the club smash “I Got It.”

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