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    Caustic Content Pack -- Caustic 3.2 compatible

    PocketKit Pro puts dynamic and expressive drums into your Caustic 3 tracks, in a new unique way, not found elsewhere. Compromising between Giga-sized kits to wimpy little GM-style kits, PocketKit Pro meshes it all together using PCMSynth and BeatBox Synths in Caustic, to give you mutli-layered multi-sampled sounds from actual drum kits in various types and configurations, to breathing new life into classic electronic drum machines.

    These kits have been carefully crafted and prepared and processed, so all you have to do is load it up and go make music... No needing to set up a Compressors and Limiters, it's already done... So your Insert Effect slots are open for other effects or filtering or EQ'ing etc...

    All PCMSynth Kits and most BeatBox Kits are Hot-Swappable -- which means you can change kits in your song, and keep your Pattern and Sequencer data, and instantly hear how different your song will sound with different kits.

    11 PCMSynth Kits
    25 BeatBox Kits
    250+ Samples to create your own PCMSynth or BeatBox kits!

    What Will You Create?

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