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    Child's favorite Korean song

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    Is a collection of your child's favorite Korean song from 3 years to 7 years.

    Il Divo sing with, Pororo, Old Man, Twinkle, twinkle, little star, stains calf, a cute kid, my face is like an apple, sun jjangjaeng,'m like, fondant fondant,
    A Sailor Went To Sea, Looby Loo Peng, circular motion, fists, a young calf, a little snowman, Ten little Indians, ppoppoppo, Applause, then no
    Go go, I promise you, Happy birthday, Uncle Elephant, toy train, went out, just leave doridori Song, wooyusong.

    ☁ ☁ necessity of early childhood music
    Belongs to the common sense to listen to music to stimulate children's brains and intellectual development is achieved.

    Infants when the trait of creativity, logical thinking, morality, sensibility, and to determine the "critical period"
    When music education is necessary. Music help the brain to stimulate the growth of the brain, as well as the emotional
    Heavily involved in the development.

    Then, when it is better to hear the music? Experts, "the sooner the better," he advises.

    Among the five senses of hearing the very quickly developed because The fetus in about six months hearing function
    Fully equipped stimulus tough compared to the other sense organs becomes more sensitive.

    Early prenatal care of the music from the brain, which can cause irritation to emphasize the importance of these reasons.

    Music steadily and after the baby is born, I have to tell. To hear the sound of a child
    Likes and feels comfortable, especially the mother's voice, or music, you can hear it on the mother's belly.

    Just the music, but also do not mind. I hear jingle or Mobil Eye for excellent auditory
    Can be stimulated.

    Child babble body and start to move a little after 6 months of age, the child's language and
    Rhythm which could help in the development of activities that should Give or child along
    Child on your lap, a hilarious body helps a lot.

    Child alone to be able to move From listening to music to move your body freely
    Help me. Good to want to knock stuff around.

    Starting with stones after the last Let's sing a song together. Just hum, even with your kids is going to be singing if
    Can help the child to fit the sound.

    Good idea to take a hit sounds, such as tapping a tambourine or xylophone instrument.

    Favorite music so you can distinguish the music this time, if your child's favorite music and saleo
    Primarily hear runners.

    Still time mom sang from the age of 2 until the age of 3, being able to sing a song the pitch to match
    Can sing, according Repeated words that is enjoying time.
    From this point, clap in rhythm, rhythm activities that will help you grow you need to look at
    A good idea.

    Simple song written over three years old, children are directly referred to also actively in these activities,
    Runners warmed up.

    To learn a musical instrument since the age of 4 is adequate. Considering the rate of infant development or cognitive ability to teach
    Should. "Support for early childhood music education institutions award Choi YunJung Education Mount rhythm instruments, rather than bars or difficult to learn
    Want to play with simple instruments, such as rattles, it may be more helpful. "He said.

    Listen to music while you should definitely pay attention to that, my mom would enjoy that as well. Children Crawl
    Tunes mom the other day that help in the development of the child is not.

    Need to listen to music while mom and communicate well so that. Or hear too much day
    Little "background music" throughout the play lay in the child's brain does not stimulate

    , So it's good to hear that often within hours of the degree to which the child is able to focus.
    Be her favorite music regardless of the genre of music, but more than anything. Wishing.

    Mom distressed to hear the classical music is good but does not help the child to
    Heard pleasant music with picking a good idea.

    You can also hear the exact music such as pitch, melody and beat that. Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, etc.

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