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    Chord Progression Harmonizer

    by: Iridium Iris Software 6 5.4

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    Chord Progression Harmonizer; This application will help you find chord progressions for your next hit song!
    You can play around with chords in the sequencer and choose or change key or chords. Songwriting tool for the mobile musician, useful for experiments and testing harmonies.

    OBS! Everytime you press "play" it is saved to your SD-card, and this isn't a multitracker it is a chord progression harmonizer.

    NEW in V1.2.0 a brand new section where you can create sequences with 300 different chords!

    This application is also a part of A Chord Finder Guitar & Pano, now also sold separately.

    It has two channels so that you can build a song with two different instruments, change volume on each track and change tempo of the song.

    This song harmonizer saves your sequence to a temporary .MIDI file on your SD card which you can copy to your PC. This application is a MIDI application, the sound quality will depend on your device. It will sound really good on some and bad on other devices, test your device MIDI sound by playing a MIDI file to see if you like the sound on your device before downloading this application.

    New in V1.0.7; Now you can add independent pause blocks to the each track.

    Choose the first note, if you choose a C you will get the chords to build up a song in the key of C. Decide if you want the song to be in the minor or Major scale. Pick the chord that you would like to add by clicking them. The whole track can easily be transposed into another key by turning the key wheel.

    The theory goes; Change a tonic to a tonic, a subdominant to a subdominant and a dominant to a dominant.

    Requirements: Device supports Midi and has a SD card.

    You may not play MIDI files depending on the model of your device, because this application is using MIDI playback capabilities of the mobile device.

    Please send a mail if you have any questions.

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