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    Christian music online for the young and those who like out-of-the-box praise and gospel music.

    “This is so different! I like the hip-hop and rap Christian music. I didn’t know there was hip Christian and contemporary gospel music around.” – Henning W.

    Want some new Christian music? Want something different with a hip-hop beat and some rap?

    Urban Christian music
    Is there even such a thing? Christian music online does not play your ordinary praise and Christian music. Or even your regular Gospel music. The rappers rhyme about Jesus. The hip-hop artists talk about His completed work on the cross. The Gospel singers belt out His goodness.

    Christian music online is not your regular Church music. It’s for those who are in the thick of things, upfront and center.

    In your face
    If you like rap music or rock or hip-hop music and like the ‘in-your-face’ attitude of these kinds of music, then Christian music online is for you. You’ll hear artists declare their faith and proudly rap of the Savior.

    There is nothing tame or mild or shy about Christian music online. They know it’s a battlefield out there and they have the means to inspire and encourage those in need of a booster.

    Christian artists are using the power of their music to reach people. No sweet talk, no sugar-coating. Christian music online talks about the hard-core Truth. It’s about God in the present and now, your faith in action in the midst of problems, tragedies and even success.

    Christian music online is about believing in Him and singing it at the top of your voice through music that people could relate to. Listen to rappers sing and make rhyme and sense of His sacrifice. Listen to hiphop artists sing of His love to a beat that would make anyone dance.

    The greatest is
    Christian music online is about the greatest gift there is. It’s about love. It’s about loving family, friends and loving people who are difficult to love. It’s about loving that homeless man in the street or the driver who cut you off in the highway. Christian music online plays music that expresses His love. Only it’s the kind of music that is different from your regular praise music or Gospel music. Its in-your-face-kind-of-music. Music that once heard, you want to hear more of. Music that once heard, you wonder why it has taken you so long to switch music to.

    Christian music online has a roster of artists that are world renowned. Dietrick Haddon with is ‘Voice of Unity’ is there along with Tye Tribbett with his ‘Fresh’. GI (God’s Image) brought their ‘I Promise’ while Eric Simmon has his ‘Freedom’ and Justin Savage is ‘Encouraged'.

    It’s a totally different kind of Christian music. A totally different experience with Christian music online.

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