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    Christian Radio has made it even easier to listen live.

    The Christian Radio interactive radio player gives you the freedom to listen - and interact - with Christian Radio's programming, anytime and anywhere.

    No registration required.

    Listen Live and More
    In addition to listening live to Christian Radio, you can check out lyrics as the songs play, and see artist and album information.

    You can also listen to samples of recently played and most popular songs. Did you discover a new song that you like? We've also given you the ability to add to your favorites and buy them on the spot.

    - Check out lyrics as the songs play
    - See artist and album information
    - Review recently played and most popular songs
    - Discover fresh new music
    - Add to favorites and buy songs
    - See station and talk show host information
    - Discover new talk show personalities

    About Christian Radio
    Christian Radio features Christian Music and Talk Programming from over 55+ radio stations including hundreds of Christian talk programs and Christian Music formats including Contemporary Christian Music, Christian Rock, Alternative, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Praise and Worship, Spanish Christian, Kids, and Christmas.

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