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    Christian instrumental music to celebrate Christmas as performed by Christian artists, bands and chorales.

    “Well-loved old and contemporary Christian music perfect for the Christmas season. Christian praise songs played acoustic style. These make for great Christmas setting!” – Jasmin Y.

    Longing for Christian songs that are appropriate for Christmas? Want to hear more instrumental Christian music?

    Christian music
    Christian songs but not exactly for church singing; Christian instrumental music but not exactly classical music --- it is quite difficult to describe these beautiful Christian music. They are praise music in nature yet they are not played in church service. These are instrumental music but not classified under classical as they have hints of contemporary music. Still, these are all beautiful Christian songs to meditate on.

    Christian songs minus the vocals that make the message more meaningful to listen to.

    Great hymns have such touching lyrics, but when the lyrics are taken out, the dramatic melody remains, giving listeners a touching musical experience. Listen to ‘Faith of our Fathers’ and ‘Our Savior’s Love’ and let these Christian songs move you.

    Contemplate the meaning of Christmas over the next few days with the help of Christian songs and be reminded of God’s gift to mankind.

    Love is the greatest
    With piano solos and violin quartets, Christian songs deliver music that is mellow, meaningful and appropriate for the holidays. It’s not about Sana Claus or the opening of gifts nor decorating the Christmas tree.

    It’s about the ‘Babe in the Manger’ and how we respond to God’s gift. Do we accept His gift and draw ‘Near to the Heart of God’ or do we dare reject His gift of His Only Son? Christian songs will help you understand the depth of God’s love for you.

    Celebrate Christmas
    Celebrate Christmas differently this year, minus the hype and the commercialism. Remember Christ, remember His birth and His life. Celebrate Christ’s birth with praise music, celebrate it with Christian songs. Celebrate His coming by listening to the Sunrise Quarter’s rendition of ‘What Child is This?’ and Our Daily Bread’s ‘Angel Band’.

    Composer and arranger Larry Mayfield plays his music for Christmas, as well as Tom Howard whose faith is ‘A Shield About Me’. Eric Wyse celebrates Christmas by declaring ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’.

    Rest in Jesus
    Let go of your cares and give yourself some moments of peace. Listen to Christian songs and share it with your family and friends. Together, remember why we rejoice every December. Remember who carries all our cares on His shoulders. Remember His life and His walk to Calvary.

    Get a tiny glimpse of heaven as you listen to Cynthia Christmas as she plays ‘Angels From the Realms’ as you have your quiet time.

    It’s all about Him and not about us. Let Christian songs bring you nearer to Him.

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