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    This is a Caustic Pack full of drum machine drum kits for Beatbox, there are kits from well known classics and some obscure machines. there are sounds from 93 drum machines here with a total of 126 drum kits, some kits are various kits from the same machines. A must have collection of Analog & Digital drum machines for your Caustic beats. A demo song with selected kits is included.

    Beatbox Kits from these drum machines:

    Ace, Ajk, Boss DR55, DR70, DR110, DR202, DR220, DR550, DR660, Casio CT310, MT18, MT100, MT500, Rapman, RZ1, Eko, E-mu Drumulator, Modular, Farfisa, Gulbransen, Jomox, Korg KR33, KRZ, M1, MP7, MP35, MS10, MS20, SR120, T1, Lel, Linn, Luxor, Maestro, Mattel, Nord Rack, Novation, Oberheim, Polyvox, Quisimidi, Rhodes, Rhythm Ace, Roland CR68, CR1000, Juno 106, JV80, MC09, MC202, MC303, MT32, PB300, S50, SC880, SH09, System 100, TR77, TR505, TR606, TR707, TR808, TR909, XP5080, Sakata, Sequential Circtuits, Simmons SD5, SD8, SD1000, Solton, Univox, Veromona, Visco, Wersi, Yamaha CS5, DD10, Electone, EM9, FSR1, MR10, PSR, RX, RY30, TG33

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