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    Skinned and beaten, this is not for the faint of heart. No excuses, its real rock, in all its rawness.

    “This is the real thing. Not watered down rock nor those poor imitation of rock music. This makes me young again!” --- Matt H.

    Don’t you just want to get back to basics and go back to good, real classic rock?

    Tired of listening to what others pass off as rock these days? Tame and lame with no sense of history. But you know your rock music. There’s heart in classic rock. Your boys, The Rolling Stones, know you and where you’ve been. Your youth and story is in those chords and songs they scream. Get back to the basics with classic rock and shout your story. Get back to the basics with classic rock and win back your life.

    Back to the real thing.
    • There’s nothing as good as the real thing. Back to where you feel safe and feel right at home. Back to classic rock where you could be the real you, cool, loose and passionate.
    • Beat the pavement with the rock greats who made classic rock for you. There’s Black Sabbath beguiling; remember them? Go on, rock your day.

    No excuses.
    • We’re making no excuses. Classic rock, hard and loud. No sweetness except hard, sweet classic rock. We’re making no apologies this is not for the faint hearted.
    • There’s no escape except to guitar heaven and mind-blowing beat. That’s classic rock medicine rolled, diced and delivered to you by the likes of The Cure.

    Classic rock basics.
    The long hair and the clothes, but most of all, the music that set you apart from the others. It was classic rock that opened your mind to possibilities. Remember Deep Purple and the dreams it evoked with Smoke on the Water? Pound those worries and problems away. Let classic rock loosen you and open your mind to new possibilities again. Let go of the rules and open yourself to new potentials. The promises of The Who still hold true and clear.

    Rock started it all.
    So who says classic rock is dead? It’s very much alive with the Zombie and the Grateful Dead. Admit it, nothing comes close to awakening those passions like classic rock does. Soak in the beat of classic rock. Scream your vocals raw. Be strengthened. Be renewed. Let the guitars awaken you. It’s classic rock and there’s nothing like it.

    You get the message. It’s not anger, there’s no hatred. It’s not an attitude. It’s not even a lifestyle. It’s the message of classic rock and what you stand for. Let The Queen lead you with those electrifying guitars and vocals. Go places with Led Zeppelin, perhaps even to heaven. Listen and jam with Jim Morrison’s poetic lyrics. Go for the original The Doors or for their music post Jim Morrison. It’s all classic rock. Stripped of all pretenses and softness, it’s classic rock.

    Get back your life. Download classic rock now.

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