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    Concept of Nature, The

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    The Concept of Nature by Alfred North Whitehead.

    In The Concept of Nature , Alfred North Whitehead discusses the interrelatedness of time, space, and human perception. The idea of objects as 'occasions of experience', arguments against body-mind duality and the search for an all-encompassing 'philosophy of nature' are examined, with specific reference to contemporary (Einstein, with whose theory of relativity he has some complaints) and ancient (Plato, Aristotle) approaches. (Summary by mb)

    Total running time: 6:56:06 Read by various Librivox volunteers.

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  • 00 Preface
  • 01 Nature and Thought
  • 02 The Bifurcation of Nature
  • 03 Time
  • 04 The Method of Extensive Abstraction
  • 05 Space and Motion
  • 06 Congruence
  • 07 Objects
  • 08 Summary
  • 09 The Ultimate Physical Concepts

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