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    Concerning the Jews (Audio)

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    Mark Twain, considered America’s greatest writer, was far more than a humorist. After the Civil War, he served as America’s conscience on ethnic and racial issues. Twain defended Jews, African-Americans and Indians against prejudice.

    Twain seems to have had a change of heart about Jews around the time of the Civil War. He confided to his daughter Suzy that "the Jews seemed to him a race to be much respected . . . they had suffered much, and had been greatly persecuted.

    An American Jewish lawyer asked Twain "why, in your judgment, the Jews have been, and are even now, in these days of supposed intelligence, the butt of baseless, vicious animosities?" The lawyer asked, "Can American Jews do anything to correct either in America or abroad? Will it ever come to an end?

    In response, Twain penned "Concerning the Jews," which Harper’s also published. Twain expected the article to please almost no one. His prediction was correct.

    This book is a collection of his famous stories such as;

    01: Concerning the Jews
    02: Travelling With A Refomer
    03: Luck
    04: My Boyhood Dreams
    05: To the Above Old People
    06: In Memoriam–Olivia Susan Clemens

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