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    Village Music (Country music) is a contemporary pop music that originated in the southern United States and Appalachia, its musical roots can be traced back to the 1920s, the fusion of traditional folk (Folk) Celtic music (Celtic), gospel music (Gospel Music) and ancient music (old-time music). The singer's voice is a sign of the country music (folk this throat), guitar, banjo, harmonica, violin accompaniment. Casual dress, and even participate in the important occasions of the contest and concert hall performances, do not have to wear a costume, jeans, casual wear, leather hat, sneakers can. Rural people have their own sense of humor; cowboy style like Feng Wan; living in a city very different ways; own town, state, regional pride; attaches great importance to the family; does not shy away from expressing religious sentiments patriotic feelings. It contains are often the most attractive of the southern United States and western rural whites, the audience often farmers and blue-collar. 1922 Exeter. Luo Bosen (Eck Roberston) recorded his first "Sally Goodin (Sally Goodin)" to this day, country music has a lot of changes, still always walk in the opposite of the changes of the times, and always has a sad and lonely genre, always singing the notes from the field of the mountains and rivers, simple and true, plain and natural. Since 1925, the United States, Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville) to establish a radio station, country music after running out from here, Naxi Louisville, has also been recognized as the "American country music, the White House", all country singers are considered "rural Music of the Holy Land. "Let's open the door to country music, breathing distant exotic country flavor.

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