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    Listen to an array of Dance Music and Electronica radio shows every hour from Internet radio stations streaming live non-stop music with the Dance Music Radio Shows app.

    This is the LITE version. It is intended that this will let you determine if the application works in playing some of the best dance music out there. It *is* missing functionality and content that is available in the Full version.

    Dance Music Radio Shows searches the web for you, selecting the highest standards radio shows from hundreds of online stations that host different radio show formats then having continuous audio streams of the best in what the Dance Music and Electronica scene has to offer.

    We are providing you up-to-the-minute show schedules from a selected group of Dance Music and Electronica Internet radio shows. The shows are currently broadcasting on various online channels, allowing you to have a one click access at the tip of your fingers to the freshest and most current audio streams, whenever and wherever you are on the planet.

    Take the dance floor with you via your compatible mobile device, to any place that you go. Make your space an instant party with pulsating beats of the most current floor filling sounds around. Do this without having to search the web anymore. Dance Music Radio Shows provides you a player full of dance music and electronica audio streams. We do the work for you, so click play and dance like no one is watching. You will enjoy endless hours of the latest full on and grooviest vibes for the ultimate dance music enthusiast.

    Use the Dance Music Radio Shows app to listen to your favorite dance music and electronica. Try the lite version for free to determine if it works to your satisfaction before upgrading to our paid full version.

    Please note that streaming quality will depend on your particular network speed. Users are responsible for bandwidth use in accordance with their cellular network contract agreements and any expenses accrued. The streaming content is provided by commercial and public radio stations and their syndicates; any linked sites and audio feeds are copyrighted by their respective owners.

    Requires OS version 2.2 or greater.

    Warning: This app is not compatible with Android V2.3.3. There is a bug in Android V2.3.3 which causes the shows to not play. It is fixed in V2.3.4 and versions 2.2 - 2.3.2.

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