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    DFZ Radio Network interactive niche-casting community brings live talk radio programming world-wide by streaming to your devices complete with in-studio video.
    Enjoy hot talk including hydroponics gardening, craft beer, hip hop lifestyle and more. Download the DFZ Radio app and take your favorite DFZ Radio Network niche programming LIVE 24/7 everywhere your smart phone goes. FREE!
    Tune in to Heavy T's Grow Show LIVE Wednesdays 6pm PST where callers to the show w/ hydroponics and indoor gardening questions get answers and get hooked up w/ free grow gear, nutrients and samples sent to their local hydro supply store nationwide (USA).
    Check out the Beer 30 Show LIVE Mondays 5:30pm PST where hosts Brandino & Fadle Adle get together w/ friends in-studio & test n' taste craft beers and spirits from all over the world, inviting you to phone in & give your Beard 30 rating live on-air.
    Fridays it's time to Get Loaded w/ Get Loaded TV LIVE 3pm PST w/ hosts Cali Breeze, Saint Diesel & Sista Outspoken as they delve into the world of hip hop, underground & the hip hop lifestyle weekly.
    Thursdays 3pm PST brings hydroponics back to the airwaves nerd style w/ the Hydro Nerds LIVE. Hosts T.J., David and The Other David get together to talk grow complete w/ gardening prank calls and gear for callers.
    Twofer Tuesdays brings A Girl and a Garden w/ Host Emily at 5pm PST sharing her adventures in urban gardening and Grow with Grubby Cup at 6pm PST, the most unique of all gardening shows in the imaginary world of La Mancha and the occasional running of the amoks.
    Live programming added frequently to the DFZ Radio Network lineup. Phone in on-air at 562.653.0707 & visit at

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