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    DP8 is a killer audio recorder and editor. Check out all of its "audacious" power in this introductory audio course by expert Alexander Adhami...
    Want to learn all about audio in DP8? Well, you've come to right place. Join Alexander Adhami as he takes you on an audio adventure explaining DP8's audio implementation from track creation to final bounce!

    DP's audio capabilities have always been great, but now, in DP8, they've reached a whole new level! In this introductory course you'll learn all of the basics to get you up and recording fast. You'll learn about setting up all the different kinds of tracks. You'll see Alexander's best practices of audio file management with his in-depth tutorials on importing, exporting and sample rates. Then there's the powerful conductor track and the more powerful SoundBite technology
    From there, Alexander introduces you audio editing and some of the powerful, cool plugins that make DP8 stand out in the DAW crowd!

    So from recording to bouncing, this course is a complete guide to Working With Audio in DP8.

    Table of contents:

    1. Hardware Setup
    2. Opening a New Session
    3. Creating a Mono Track
    4. Creating a Stereo Track
    5. Creating an Auxiliary Track
    6. Master Fader
    7. Create a New Template
    8. Recording Audio with A Click
    9. Input Monitoring Mode
    10. Transport Tips
    11. Conductor Track
    12. Left and Right Sidebars
    13. Importing Audio Soundbites Folder
    14. Markers
    15. Sample Rate Conversions
    16. Loop Recording
    17. Sequence Editor
    18. Basic Editing Tools
    19. Dynamics Plug-ins
    20. Convolution Reverb
    21. Guitar Effects Plug-ins
    22. Channel Strip
    23. Undo History
    24. Compact project
    25. Shortcuts
    26. Bouncing to Disk

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