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    DJD Player is a music player and organizer app for Android, adapted for the needs of DJs playing music at parties and dancing events.

    It is based on the standard Music Player from The Android Open Source Project (which comes pre-installed on many Android phones).

    Enhancements over the standard Music Player:

    * Genre support:
    - genre browsing tab
    - show genre of currently playing song

    * Do not pretend that album is a proper subcategory of artist (one album can contain songs from different artists)

    * Show number of songs for all categories (artist, album, genre), folders and playlists

    * Jump directly to list of songs for artist/genre from currently playing song view

    * Integrate current playing song and play queue view

    * Always show currently playing song footer in lists, with play/pause and next button

    * Improved play queue

    * Improved shuffling

    * Application settings

    * Delete from playlist by slide

    * Track info screen

    * Browse by folder

    * Search for song, artist and album

    * Shuffle stored playlist

    * Interleave category/folder/playlist with play queue

    * Export playlist to M3U file in Music folder

    * Possibility to stop after current song

    * Remote control in lock screen

    * Pause button in system notification

    * Two column layout for tablets

    * Context menu button in list items

    * Share songs and playlists

    * Transfer playlist between two devices via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct

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