Don's Vario Player

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    This is the full version of Don's Vario Player.
    Before buying, please download the demo version of this app to try out the Vario Player:

    Don's Vario Player plays midi files that you have copied to your tablet.
    You can play the midi file at a different tempo or pitch, and you can also mute individual tracks or instruments.

    What is the point of all this?
    Well, apart from the comedy value of playing Led Zeppelin an octave higher than recorded, there are two useful scenarios:
    1. You are learning to play a new tune, but the accompaniment is too fast for you.
    2. You want to play with a backing track, but the backing track is in a different key to your instrument.

    In these scenarios, you can use the Vario Player to slow down the track (keeping the pitch the same), or transpose the pitch (keeping the playback speed the same).

    Vario Player integrates with file synchronising apps e.g. Dropbox.
    This means you can open files that are in your Dropbox directory, but you still need to use Dropbox to synchronise the files.
    Note: on a Nexus7, Dropbox does not download a file to the tablet until you try to open the file from within Dropbox.

    Note that the filename or URL must end in mid, midi or mp3 to be playable (upper case or lower case letters, or a mixture).

    Note that there is also a free bonus feature: transposing and playing mp3 files at different speeds. This free feature is experimental and may not work on all Android devices.
    - Try it out in the free trial version.

    If you have any problems, please email me: