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    Published: 2013-07-03, by Peter Warrior.

    Social media based on audio

    • Original
    • Creates a new social media channel
    • Many filters to play with
    • It's hard it becomes a craze

    "I am your father"

    Time ago, before the Internet and even before the CD and the VHS, there were who said that TV would kill the radio because nobody wanted to hear when you can hear and watch as well. However, housewives kept their radios in the kitchen, drivers listen to their car radios and Internet brought podcasts, so it shouldn't strike anyone as fast someone (namely, Appsurdity Inc.) has developed a social network based on voice. It might not be the first, though, but nobody remembers the previous attempts if there were any.

    Therefore, Dubbler allows to record your voice (or whatever audio) up to a minute long and share it. If you're proud of it you can do it as it is, but the rest of the mortals might prefer to filter it thanks to any of the many filters available, Darth Vader included (hence the title of this review).

    There's no need to create a new account, you can use your current Facebook or Twitter login. It's perfect for "happy birthday" songs, "we miss you so much", "get well soon" and "you don't know how much I love you", though perhaps someone dares to go a step ahead a actually sing, tell or play something.

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    Jul 03, 2013


    Dubbler. It’s the sound of a revolution in social networking. Record up to 60 seconds, tweak and change your Dub with our voice filters, and instantly post it for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the Dubbler community to hear. Or direct message friends and keep the conversation private. It’s the app that lets you be heard in a way Tango, SnapChat, and Kik can’t.

    And guess what ... Dubbler is so cool that it’s attracting celebs and new talent like: Mac Miller, Common, Miesa, Nathan Stupar, College Humor, Ditlo, LogoTV, NewNowNext, Fifty Shades of Jay, Mick Boogie, Flula Borg, the National Campus DJ Competition, and more.

    Sing songs, make music, tell stories, comment on pop culture and current events, discover new bands, or share news, jokes, or a vocal doodle with your friends. Some of the most fun on Dubbler happens when one Dub leads to another. Also, you can bring photos and pictures to life with audio captions – put a voice to all those familiar faces in your Instagram and Flickr accounts. A new kind of collage! (Don’t worry, you can crop and frame pictures with our custom photo editor if they’re too big.) Tell a story with an image and sound you can’t achieve with one alone.

    You could even create a character with one of our voice filters. There’s a thousand things to do with those effects. If you’re a little shy, you could transform your voice completely. They’re great for chibi and avatars. Dubbler puts your distinct audio stamp on all your social media.

    Plus trending dubs and hashtags are making it easier than ever to be heard … and to hear the people who are making news on Dubbler. Find the hottest Dubs around, a stream of cool new sounds you can’t Google, or hear on Spotify or SoundCloud. Sounds for you to hear, enjoy, email to your friends, and Dub back about.

    All this makes Dubbler the coolest way to be heard.

    How Dubbler stands out from the rest, according to the Mashable and more:

    "Vine For Voice: Why Half A Million Millennials Share Sound On Dubbler" - Forbes

    “Don’t bother typing your thoughts, speak them instead, from this new social networking app.” -

    “[S]haring a few seconds of audio has apparently caught on with users..Dubbler's app has been downloaded more than 400,000 times to date and more than 55,000 times in the first 24 hours after coming out of beta [last] weekend” - Mashable

    “....[P]eople instinctively want to communicate and will find unique ways to use Dubbler (any other app like it that may come along) in telling or enhancing their stories.” -

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