DUETT FULL Your Accompaniment

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    The software "Duett" supports students playing music instruments with a piano accompaniment.

    In the focus there is not an adding of a virtuous piano player, but a very simple and clear accompaniment. So also inexperienced musicians as well as children are able to start immediately with practicing.

    You enter a chord chain text, select a piano style and a tempo. The app will play this accompaniment in an endless loop. You can transpose the chord chain and switch the volume ratio of bass to chord. You can turn on a metronom.

    This FULL version...
    ....offers more chords: all variations of Major, Minor, Aug, Dim, 6, 7, maj7 and 9. You can enter chord chains with 2 chord each bar. Your chords chains will be saved to recall them. You can ajust tempo in fine scale, volume ratio of bass and chord in fine scale. You can create and save more "Piano Styles"


    Enter A Chord Chain:

    Touch the chord chain field. Enter the letters for Chord names and or <#> for "Flat" and "Sharp". Use for "Minor", <0> for "Dim" and <+> for "Aug" chords. Add a <6> <7> <9> for chord with four notes. If you want to have a bar with two different chords inside use the prefix <2> followed by two chords.

    Easy Edit: You need not enter SPACES or Uppercase/Lowercase. Use H for Note B. Use Hb for Bb-Chord. Sample: "hb0gm72d#f+c" will become ": Hb° Gm7 D# F+ C :" automatically.


    move the Slider to change speed from 40bpm to 240bpm.


    Touch the "+/-" Button to change transpose from -5 upto +6 notes. Transpose only changes the audible result, not the chord chain text.


    Touch the metronom button to add a metronom beat. The timing of the metronom depends on the selected style.

    Style Selection:

    DUETT can play your chord chain in 10 different piano styles (more will follow):

    - simple 4/4 with only quarter notes.
    - simple 3/4 with only quarter notes.
    - Reggae Style
    - 8-beat Pop
    - Rock
    - March
    - Take Five 5/4
    - Bossa Nova
    - Slow Rock 6/8
    - MyStyle

    Bass/Chord Ratio:

    Move the slider to change the ratio of bass to chord from: "more chord" to "more bass"

    Creating New Style

    You can change the style "MyStyle". Touch the "EDIT" button. Select a length of the style from 3/4 upto 8/4. Select a fine resolution from 1/8, 1/8T, 1/16 upto 1/16T. "T" means "tribleds".
    The top window shows a grid with three rows: M (Metronom), C (Chord) and B (Bass). The columns represent the timing positions in the style. Touch a position to add a event. Touch again to remove it.

    The Metronom row offers two different events: "Click" and "Click + Bing"
    The Bass row offers three different events: "I" (Base note), "III" (a Third), "V" (a Fifth)

    If the style s longer than the screen, move the slider to reach all timing positions.

    Touch "SAVE" to store your changes to MyStyle. Touch "SONG" to return to the Accompany mode.