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E-Guitar (Phone & Tablet)

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    E-Guitar (Phone & Tablet)

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    Android teaches you Folk, Blues and Jazz Guitar

    This real guitar method will give you great informations & technics to improve your guitar skill. No musical knowledge is required to use this app, you just need a guitar.

    This app supports english - try E-Folk (english, french, german, spanish), E-Blues (english, french) or E-Jazz (english, french) also available on Google Play

    If you're looking for an efficient method to learn how to play guitar, there's an Android app for that! - July 2012

    Designed for tablet and smartphones

    27 Lessons of increasing level - from beginner to intermediate guitarist -
    Video file for each lesson
    Autoscrolling Tabs - portrait or landscape -
    Detailed informations about theory and technics on each lesson
    Pitch notes to tune your guitar and much more ;-)

    Perfectly suited for this app : IK Multimedia iKlip Studio
    Visit IK Multimedia for detailed informations:

    Divided in three parts :

    Part 1 (E-Folk 11 lessons for beginners)

    Lesson 1: Take your Guitar
    How to hold your guitar
    Notes on the neck, tuning
    Reading tablatures : Boogie in E

    Lesson 2: Arpeggios
    Right hand fingering
    Simple arpeggios with bass note melody

    Lesson 3: What is a chord ?
    Play E minor and A minor chords
    Chord charts

    Lesson 4: Play with a pick
    The C major chord
    Downstrokes and upstrokes picking

    Lesson 5: The Folk rhythm
    The G major chord
    From C -> G, and addition of notes to chords

    Lesson 6: Three beats rhythm
    The D major chord
    Progression G -> D -> Am -> C

    Lesson 7: Chords arpeggios
    The D minor chord
    Thumb plays the root note
    of the chord

    Lesson 8: Palm mute
    The E major and A major chords
    Back and forth playing
    Mute sound with your palm

    Lesson 9: Minor barred chords
    Learning notes on the neck
    The A and E minor barred positions
    Swing rhythm

    Lesson 10: Country Club
    The E major barred position
    Add a 7th note to your chords

    Lesson 11: The C barred chord
    The A major barred positions
    Variation on the D chord
    The C9 chord

    Part 2 (E-Blues 8 lessons for beginners)

    Begin with a traditional acoustic shuffle then play a funky blues with more advanced rhythm pattern.
    Discover the SRV Texas Blues on a clean Stratocaster.
    Enjoy a minor style Blues and smash your amp with more Rock lesson played on a Les Paul.

    Part 3 (E-Jazz 8 lessons)

    Lesson 1: Jazz Chords
    Major scale's Jazz chords
    Fingering and chords change for II V I in G and C progression
    Walking bass

    Lesson 2: II V I Progression
    Use of the major scale
    Chords embellishment
    Diminished chord

    Lesson 3: Tonality change
    Learn to find II V I progression in multiple tonalities
    Chords roots on the E and A strings

    Lesson 4: More chords change
    Diatonic substitution
    Secondary dominant chord
    Cycle of fifths
    Tetrads and Triads

    Lesson 5: Tritone substitution
    Tritone substitution
    11th and 13th chords
    Fingering play

    Lesson 6: Blues for Clara
    From traditionnal 12 bar blues to a more complex structure
    9th and 13th chords

    Lesson 7: Gypsy Swing
    Gypsy Jazz rhythm
    Major and Minor 6th chords

    Lesson 8: Sunny Bossa
    Bossa Nova rhythm pattern
    Using substitutions

    Chords sequences have been extracted from some Jazz Standards but no melody is played because of copyrights.

    Enjoy this app !

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