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    EQuala is a FREE social music discovery app that serves as a social radio. EQuala lets you play your friends' music with the touch of a button - rely on your friends' music to be the best social radio station. Personalize your music stream by simply following friends and tastemakers on EQuala. Discovering music and sharing music has never been this fast or easy, and it's totally free!

    NEW: EQuala partnered with Deezer to bring more control and fun to the music experience!
    Deezer delivers an exciting, broad and truly global music experience to more than 10 million monthly active users across 182 territories. With 4 million subscribers and more than 100 million shareable playlists, Deezer allows fans to enjoy music unconstrained by any of the barriers of the past. Deezer’s mantra is music discovery, helping fans rediscover the joy of finding and sharing fantastic new music.

    What else you ask?!
    EQuala provides you with a free social radio station. Your personal radio station serves you, the user, the best social music discovery platform, as all of the music comes from your friends and other music lovers. EQuala accesses all music previously shared to Facebook using Deezer, Spotify, Pandora Radio, Rdio, Songza Radio, Slacker Radio, 8tracks Radio, Jango Radio, iHeartRadio, AUPEO Radio, Radio, Youtube, MySpace, Myxer Social Radio and much more. Listen to any genre by following friends and engage in endless music discovery through your friends.

    Share your favorite music and discover your friends' music instantly in a simple, easy and fun way. Become a taste maker and influence others, or just sit back and enjoy. EQuala is similar to Pandora Radio, but by creating genres out of people, EQuala makes the music discovery process both fun and engaging.

    "Not unlike Pandora (and Echo Nest), EQuala’s tech gives each users his or her own “Music DNA,” which is essentially a breakdown of the genres and types of music you listen to the most — along with data integrated from your “shouts” and “loves,” etc. The more you listen, EQuala personalizes your music DNA and is able to more accurately match users with those in their network who share similar tastes." - Techcrunch, March 2013

    "That’s the idea behind EQuala, a social music app for iPhone and Android, that plays the songs your friends listen to and lets you share your favorite songs. With EQuala, you can follow your friends and other music lovers, and choose which of your friends' music will play the most in your music stream." - Mashable, March 2013

    "While music discovery via your friends and social graph has a lot of appeal conceptually, initially, it just added to the noise problem rather than channeling it. Social music experiences were exciting more as a novelty, seeming to provide more value as a feature or a layer, than as the core around which a successful music service could be built. Luckily, EQuala wants change that by giving users more control over the social music discovery experience — and the noise." - Techcrunch, March 2013

    "It's like Pandora Radio, but based on people as the genres. It's really cool that you can play with the EQualizer and control the music stream. It's the prefect solution to social radio and social music discovery" - User's Feedback

    * Friends EQualizer - Create your social radio by adding your friends and music influencers to your EQualizer and hit play!
    * Discover your "music DNA" in a beautiful visual representation
    * Discover the "% match" you have with your friends and other people
    * Discover music lately listened by your friends
    * Instant music sharing to Facebook and Twitter
    * Interact with friends through loves, shouts/reshouts, and comments
    * And much much more...

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