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    Do you want ambient music at your Pen & Paper RPG table?

    Do you wish you could have background sound effects like a village market to bring your campaign setting to life?

    Do you wish you could really hear that Dragon Roar? Or the awesome cleave of that Greataxe?

    Fantasy Soundboard is meant to bring any Tabletop RPG campaign setting to life. Sounds and music will increase immersion, remind players where they are, and promote creativity. It will work for any game system, whether its Pen and Paper, like DnD or PF, Board Games, or anything else. Fantasy Soundboard is created by a gamer, tested with real gaming groups, and is made just for gamers as a tool for Dungeon Masters and Players alike. Couple it with a nice bluetooth speaker to get the best experience!


    Sound Effects
    Over 400 Sound Effects are available in the app. They are organized into categories to find them more easily. There are sounds for monsters, combat, magic, animals, and people. There are even extra categories for some modern and sci-fi sounds, too! Great for critical rolls!

    30 different music tracks are in the app for setting the mood. Automatic looping is set up so you can set it and forget it. There are tracks for exploration, battle, horror, and many other moods.

    40 loops to create ambiance in your setting. Sounds like a Forest, a noisy Tavern, or a Village Market help immerse your players into the setting by created a great backdrop. All automatically loop for a plug and play experience.

    Sound Mixer
    Create your own soundscapes! The powerful sound mixer tool allows you to set the volume for every sound effect, music track, and loop individually, and fade them out when you need to. Keep your music low, loops a little higher, and the sound effects at max volume to create an immersive feel where players can talk over music, but still enjoy the sound effects.

    You can organize sounds using the favorites tool. You can have as many as you'd like - separate by Campaign, Party, or maybe by Adventure, or Scenes. This allows you to have quick access to whatever sound effects you need without scrolling through all the large lists.

    Everything in the app can be set as a Ringtone or a Notification. Want a Dragon Roar when you get a phone call, or a Wilhelm Scream when you get an email? No problem!

    Tablet Support
    Tablets get an extra wide layout with more buttons on screen making it easier to find what you're looking for!

    Landscape Support
    Landscape mode is also supported if you can't find room for your phone in portrait mode at the table!

    So what are you waiting for? Add this great tool to your Tabletop RPG component pouch! Its a great, free, plug and play experience for the dungeon master all the players at the table!

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