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    Finally, Android has a professional-level RTA with mic calibration! We gave our app to sound engineers around the world to test. Here's what they said:

    "Simple, Fast, Accurate. The best FFT application I have found for Android devices. After a simple calibration process it beats many PC based programs. Custom color make it visible in the sunlight, and low level evening light. Just sit it on you console and see trends as they develop before they become problems."
    Keith Finch

    "I love this program. I beta-tested mac foh for 3 years and it was hands down the best I ever saw. This app echoes those same feelings. Fast response and clean graphics. Its amazing how much power and information you can hold in your hand with this program. It allows me to be mobile and monitor system performance at various locations without lugging around my laptop or iPad."
    Brian Lloyd
    FOH Audio Engineer
    In The Mood LIVE - World Tour

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    Feel free to contact us anytime at! As a small company we work to ensure that every customer gets first-rate one-on-one support.

    No fear: Contact us at the above address if you have any problems with the app; we will work to fix them and refund your money.

    FFT is a real-time analyzer (RTA) meant for professional use. Geared toward use in the hectic, time-critical environments encountered in live sound, this app is designed to not slow you down. Even with all the features packed in, going to the Settings menu is a rarity - most things are accessible from menus on the main screen. You'll never miss a moment, especially since it's built on the lightning-fast speed of OpenGL graphics and native code.

    We don't release a version of FFT without extensive testing from a group of real sound engineers that work shows every day. This is an app you can rely on, and it's good for any application, whether in audio, machinery, or any of the hundreds of other things RTA's are used for every day. And, with Android Market's refund window along with our commitment to fix any bugs you report, you can rest assured that you aren't wasting any money.

    FFT doesn't use supposed "auto-calibrate" features that make (usually false) assumptions about what's actually going into your microphone. Get a true calibration of your phone's microphone using a calibrated SPL meter with flat weighting and the built-in tone generator. Define up to 80 points to set the calibration curve. A guide is included right in the app.

    Take and name snapshots of the graph, and display several of them or overlay them with live data later to compare. Find feedback immediately with the peak finder, or monitor a specific frequency or two with frequency markers. Use whatever kind of averaging scheme fits your purposes best - featuring exponentially weighted averaging and unweighted averaging with configurable times. If you want a good overall trace of what's going into the microphone over time, turn on infinite averaging. It's all included in the app.

    • Logarithmic or Linear scale
    • Fast freeze button
    • Averaging: exponential, flat, and infinite
    • Peak Hold, configurable
    • Peak frequency finder (full range or visible only)
    • Frequency markers
    • Snapshots: creating, viewing, and overlaying them
    • User-configurable microphone calibration
    • Configure FFT Size and Window type (Size up to 16384; 7 window types supported)
    • Full control of app colors
    • Pinch-to-zoom, one-finger panning and zooming
    • Smooth, immediate response to touch
    • Continuously updates - never choppy
    • And more…

    Droid RAZR Users: We are happy to announce full support for Droid RAZR and equivalent models. A workaround for the device's audio issues is available in version 1.1 and above. Please contact us if you have any issues.

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