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    [FolderPlayer4Me - folderplayer4me]

    *** Tested phone ***
    LG Nexus 5x(Android 7.0, Android 8.0)
    Samsung Galaxy S5(Android 6.0)
    Samsung Galaxy S7(Android 7.0)
    LG G3(Android 6.0)
    LG G4(Android 7.0)
    Samsung Galax Nexus(Android 4.3)
    * Since version 3.1.0 supports the "change ringtone" function.

    * If you are satisfied in this app, would you mind introduce this app to a lot dear friends.
    * Play your music with folder on one screen for simple music player.
    * Thank you for using FolderPlayer4Me.
    Have a happy day today with this app. Thanks a lot.

    -Play Media Type
    (.mp3, .flac, .ogg, .wav)

    1. Play audio file in folder.
    2. List audio file in folder.
    3. Supporting to change of audio play speed at over 6.0 marshmallo
    4. Stop play when received phone call.
    5. Supporting to repeat all.
    6. Supporting to repeat one.
    7. Remember last folder and Start with last folder.
    8. Supporting sleep timer.
    9. Supporting controller of audio player in notification.
    10. Supporting English, Korean
    11. Possible scroll music seek time
    12. Display by image of Internal and External storage Usage
    13. Supporting file manager(copy, paste, rename, delete, make folder)
    14. Supporting to read and write function of external sd card if os is over android 5.0 Lollipop.
    15. Supporting to only read function of external sd card if os is under android 4.4 Kitkat.
    16. Supporting ringtone change.

    [ Required access permissions ]
    * If you are under Android 6.0 (marshmallow), and you do not want app permissions to be automatically granted, you can use the [View Perm] button to uninstall the app.
    * Over Android 6.0(marshmallow)
    - You can access the access privilege guide screen by using [App permission settings] item in the menu.
    - You can change the permissions by using Permission button on the screen by pressing [View Perm] button but if you do not allow the required permissions, the app will be unavailable.
    1. File, Save : Need to read file list and manage files.
    * If you are using an SD card, please set the SD card path only once according to the instructions that pop up when you press the corresponding function button.

    [ Selectable Access Permission ]
    2. Phone : Need to stop playing music when phone comes.

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