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    For full CD quality (16 bit, 44100 kHz) recordings see "FreeStyle Recorder HDA" and "FreeStyle Recorder HDA Plus" apps on the market.

    I'm a music producer and certified audio engineer, and many artists I come in contact with want to record their freestyles so they can hear them back. Others want a quick way to practice their verse or hook before hitting the studio and wish they could record a scratch vocal to help them perfect the delivery. Well after a lot of hard work I'm proud to introduce this app to Android Market for these artists.

    FreeStyle Recorder by Hip Hip Hop Beat Factory is a simple yet effective single track recorder that allows you to load any beat or song from your phone's SD card, then it plays the beat while recording your vocals through the phone mic. You can then listen to the vocals you've recorded with the beat playing at the same time. This app is a mini vocal preproduction studio that's with you at all times, whenever you feel inspired!

    How to Use FreeStyle Recorder

    R = Record Enable Track. This selects the track you are going to record to. Not available when recording or playing the song.
    M = Mute Track. This will mute the selected track. Not available when recording or playing the song.
    S = Solo Track. This will allow the selected track to play by iteself. Not available when playing or recording the song.

    Record, Play, Pause, and Stop buttons have their standard functionality. Save Song, Load Song, Load Beat, and Load Prior Recrodings buttons are also self explanitory

    Current limitations don’t allow the recorded vocal files to be renamed and the the completed song cannot be finalized as a single audio file directly to the phone. You can use a stereo cable from the phone to an external recording device (like a computer) to record your final song. If you wish to clear the vocal recording list and song save list then open your devices program settings and clear the program data. then delete the vocal files from the SD card. Vocal recordings are stored in \\SD\My Documents\Recordings as *.3gp files in the order recorded. Check out FreeStyle Recorder HDA for mp3 saves, vocal wav export, and individual volume control on tracks.

    Tips for recording your freestyles: Remember you are recording through a phone mic so don't expect studio quality recordings; also, the mic picks up all sound so if you aren't using your phone's headset the beat will bleed onto your vocal track which may cause some distortion and phasing in the instrumental on playback.

    This app requires Lysesoft's AndExplorer application to be installed which can be downloaded free on the Android Market at

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