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    Published: 2015-04-01, by .

    This guitar app is fun to play and create music on.

    • Great for beginners
    • Variety of options
    • Easy user interface
    • Doesn't record

    "Play Like You Mean It"


    The GuitarFlex app lets you play your guitar in three different modes (solo, arpeggio, and strum) and has six different sounds including the following: acoustic, classic, and electric. You can make is sound like you're picking or strumming and you can even create your own tunes. The guitar app lets you edit and bundle cords so you can easily play a song with just simple touches. It's great for the novice, but for the more advanced as well. The app's only downfall is that it doesn't give you the option of recording!


    GuitarFlex is easy to use and great for beginners. It gives a variety of options and sounds and the user interface is simply and streamlined.


    The app doesn't allow you to record all the awesome tracks you lay out.

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    by Molly

    Apr 01, 2015


    GuitarFlex is a virtual guitar app which lets you play the guitar on your phone or tablet. It doesn't mind if you are a beginner or not, GuitarFlex is flexible because:

    - You can play in three modes: solo, arpeggio, strum
    - You can configure the fretboard with the chords of your choice, allowing you to play as many different songs as you like.

    Solo: play melodies an riffs touching directly at a [fret, string] position. Play polyphonic (if your device is multitouch).

    Arpeggio and Strum: configure a set of chords (or use one of the bundled sets) and play string-by-string (arpeggio) or strum the chord (strum).

    You can create and edit sets of chords (presets). Use the bundled chords, or create more chords using the included chord figures. Chord figures are

    transportable; just as you would move your hand up and down the fretboard, keeping the same relative positions.

    There is a custom chord editor for creating ANY chord you want.

    Six different guitar sounds: acoustic, classical and electric; both picked or fingered.

    Beautifully animated string vibration looks like a real string.

    Sound is usually better if you use headphones, or an external device. Try it!

    GuitarFlex includes a manual explaining the different modes and options.

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    Sing along your favourite songs with this great app!

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