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    Hebrews (Hebrew: ????? or ??????, Tiberian ?I?r?m, ?I?riyy?m; Modern Hebrew ?Ivrim, ?Ivriyyim; ISO 259-3 ?ibrim, ?ibriyim) is an ethnonym used in the Tanakh (Jewish Bible). It is mostly taken as synonymous with the Semitic Israelites, especially in the pre-monarchic period when they were still nomadic, but in some instances it may also be used in a wider sense, referring to the Phoenicians, or to other ancient groups, such as the group known as Shasu of Yhw on the eve of the Bronze Age collapse.
    By the Roman era, Greek Hebraios could refer to the Jews in general, as Strong's Hebrew Dictionary puts it "any of the Jewish Nation" and at other times more specifically to the Jews living in Judea. In Early Christianity, the Greek term Εβρα?α (feminine) Εβρα?ε? (plural) Εβρα? (masculine) refers to Christianizing Jews, as opposed to the gentile Christians and Christian Judaizers (Acts 6:1 among others). Ιουδα?α is the province where the Temple was located.
    The Old Testament of the Christian Bible uses Hebrews and Jews interchangeably, in the Book Of Esther (2:5) Mordechai the Benjamite is called a Jew, though he is not of the tribe of Judah. In Jonah 1:9 Jonah is called a Hebrew.
    In Armenian, Italian, Kurdish, Old French and a few other languages the transfer of the name from Hebrew to Jew never took place, and 'Hebrew' is the primary used word for a Jew

    This radio interface is simple to use, Give full play to the mobile media portable advantage and the spread of the Internet advantage, With advanced technology, excellent design strength, to provide you with clear, stable and high quality radio to listen to the new experience. Completely from regional signal and the factors of interference, let you never leave home, quickly understand the country events.

    Software main functions:

    1.Quick to listen to and switching stations;

    2.Collect the prefer radio;

    3.View recent listen to the radio;

    4.Station fast search;

    5.Timing closure radio

    Hebrew Radio station:
    - 100 FM
    - 103 FM
    - 88 FM
    - 89.1 FM
    - Arutz Sheva
    - Beat Radio
    - Click 2 Dance
    - FM 102
    - Galatz Live!
    - Galgalatz 91.8 FM
    - Kabbalah TV
    - Knesset TV
    - Kol Berama-lakewood
    - Kol Ha Campus
    - Kol Hamusica
    - Kol HaMusika
    - Kol Israel Reshet Aleph
    - Kol Israel Reshet Bet
    - Kol Israel Reshet Moreshet
    - Kol-Barama
    - M Sound
    - Marah FM
    - Omemo Radio
    - Radio 1
    - Radio 101 FM
    - Radio 99
    - Radio ezOrit
    - Radio Hildabroot
    - Radio Lev Hamedina
    - Radio Menta
    - Radio Mevaser Tov
    - Radio Moshiach & Redemption
    - Radio Noshmim Mizrahit
    - Radio Yasoo
    - Radio Yeshua
    - Radius
    - Reshet Gimmel
    - Reshet Gimmel FM 97.8
    - The Voice of Peace
    - Yam FM

    When radio first use, it may take a short time to initialize and load data, please be patient, the next time you use the speed of response will be greatly improved.

    This free software will contain some ads,some system software misinformation the ads is the virus, please feel at ease to use, Thank you very much for your support!