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    A little rhythm, a little rhyme and you have reason to rap and scratch. Gather the gang, play hip hop music online and you complete the party.

    “Now this is the kind of music I like. Exciting, edgy with a message for everyone, hip hop is the music of the young.” –C. Bailey

    Can’t find the right kind of music? Want some edge to your music? Something more exciting that the regular music fare that is playing out in the airwaves?

    World of hip hop
    Stylized rhythm accompanied by rhythmic and rhyming speech --- that’s what defines hip hop music. Part of the hip hop culture that is defined by rapping, scratching, a lot of break dancing and graffiti writing. Young people found their voice in hip hop music that reflected the often hard economic and social (and political) realities of the time. Not all hip hop music has rap though rapping is often associated with hip hop music. Hip hop music may contain beatboxing and instrumental tracks.

    Though hip hop started in the block parties and streets, it has now spread throughout the world. Hip hop music online give you the latest and the most popular of the hip hop culture

    Global influence
    Hip hop music has influenced the world as each country or region developed its own version of hip hop music. Tagged as underground music in its initial stages, hip hop music moved to mainstream music faster in some countries than in others. In America, hip hop created other identities, such as East Coast hip hop and West Coast hip hop, with the besting each other for popularity, following and of course, record sales.

    In Europe and Asia, hip hop easily moved to mainstream music as lyrics were both in the local dialect and/or in English. Latin countries combined English and Spanish lyrics while Brazilian hip hop spoke of racial and economic issues. Hip hop music online mixes new school hip hop and old school hip hop with rhythm and blues.

    New school and old school hip hop
    Like any other music, hip hop went through low and high stages. The second wave of hip hop came with innovation or the new school hip hop. New York was the birth place of new school hip hop, just like the old school hip hop. With the new school hip hop, the influence of rock music was more prominent as characterized by drums.

    A whole new attitude and fashion came with it. Gone were the disco, novelty costumes of old school. An aggressive, tough, cool, self-assertive attitude accompanied the music. Fashion was cool, street-tough and bling-blings became a status symbol.

    Hip hop music online has several hit music with notables Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Big Sean, Jz-Z and Kanye West. Hip hop won’t be complete without Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar and Iyaz.

    Download hip hop music online to get that edge in your music.

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