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    Tune your guitar faster than ever with the HT-6 FastTune App. Based on the best-selling HardWire HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner, the HT-6 FastTune allows you to up to six strings at once. One strum and you’re done.
    Don’t get stuck plucking each string to tune your guitar, wasting your time you have to play. With the HT-6 FastTune you simple strum your guitar and the app will show you the tuning status of all 6 strings at once. You’ll know which ones are sharp, flat, or perfectly in tune. The easy to read display that has been designed to look like guitar tablature shows you how far out of tune each string is, making it even easier to get back in tune.

    The HT-6 FastTune uses both chromatic and polyphonic tuning. This means you can tune your guitar string by string with the chromatic mode or tune all six strings at once in the polyphonic mode. The HT-6 FastTune app makes it even easier to tune your guitar because it automatically detects what tuning mode you’re using. The HT-6 app seamlessly switches between the two modes without changing the display. The display will show you the tuning status of each string you strum, if that’s just one or even all six. The HT-6 FastTune works like six tuners in one; one for each string.

    The HT-6 FastTune app works with acoustic and electric guitars, and bass guitars with up to 6 strings. The app will work using the mic, headphone jack, or 30-pin connector on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to get the most accurate signal for tuning your guitar.

    * Single note or full strum tuning capability
    * Works with acoustic and electric guitars, 4, 5, 6-string bass guitars
    * Works with device mic input or headphone jack
    * Unified polyphonic and single note display
    * Uses familiar guitar tab layout making it easy to read
    * Incredible accuracy in both polyphonic and chromatic tuning modes
    * Available Tuning Modes (Standard, Drop D, 4-String Bass, 5- String Bass, 6 String Bass)
    * Includes Guitar Drop-D Tuning Mode
    * Adjustable tuning reference A440, A, A, G, G F, E, and 436 Hz to 445 HZ
    * Automatic fret detection for tuning with a capo
    * Normal and strobe mode-chromatic tuning only

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